Opening in late summer 2024, Villa Dahlia’s name originates from the beautiful flower garden surrounding what used to be one of the hotelier family, Malmström, homes in Båstad, Villa Dagmar. The villa was then much like today, decorated with fresh dahlias, known as the late summer’s floral splendor.

“The delightful scents of the flower garden lingered in the late summers, making dahlias a symbol of family, love and beautiful moments to remember. Therefore, it became the natural choice of name for our third hotel.”

Anna Cappelen, Partner Diplomat Collection

An extensive art collection adorned the villa, including works by old Flemish and Italian masters, as well as 18th– and 19th-century French furniture and sculptures, showcasing the family’s interest in genuine craftsmanship. Arts and craftsmanship are a symbol of Villa Dahlia and for the family, a testament to their commitment to preserving the beauty and tradition of their lineage. At Villa Dahlia, guests will not just find a place to rest their heads but a sanctuary of curated beauty – a haven where the stories of the past intertwine with the promise of the future.



“We admire the Italians’ way of integrating the old with the new. The post-war architecture blends so beautifully with the old, and the romance still remains. Villa Dahlia was built in the 1960s yet the new exterior goes beautifully with the turn of a century buildings of its surroundings, just like in Milan. And in contrast to its exterior, when entering the hotel, you are met by a completely different and unexpected world.

Pauline Cappelen, Hotel Manager Villa Dahlia

Villa Dahlia is a familial home permeated with sustainability and genuine craftsmanship, where the interior ages with grace. The distinction lies within the details, where elements of daring dahlia red, Swedish tapestries and traditional Italian murals create a curated home at its most sublime.


Villa Dahlia is part of the Diplomat Collection, co-owned by the siblings Anna Cappelen, Sune Malmström, Lovisa Malmström and sons, and Linda Malmström Grassman. Anna Cappelen and Sune Malmström are jointly active in the operation of the hotel business. CEO of the company is Charlotta Olsson. The chairman is Fredrik Cappelen.

The founders of Villa Dahlia, the Malmström family have been the owners of Hotel Diplomat since the 1960s, and of Villa Dagmar since 2021. Their relentless pursuit of creating premium and memorable hotel experiences has put them at the forefront of Sweden’s hospitality business. Villa Dahlia embodies casual elegance and invites you to a space for compelling connections in the heart of the neighborhood, where memories are made and stories are shared.

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